Grihaprabesh and a Welcome

As is always the case, its the female who initiates things. Aha! now you are gonna say that Adam came first. He just came- (snigger!) I mean he just appeared but things started getting hotter only after Eve appeared. The action wouldn’t have started if Eve hadn’t come. The fights, fun  and … err fooling around. So the beginning is always with Sree I mean Stree!  So how do I begin? Simple ! By welcoming you to our blog. I am totally worked up at present. You  know , how it feels on a griha pravesh. All flutter and confusion. You just don’t know how to manage , where to go? Whom to speak. You are just pleased as a punch that you have a blog ..I mean a house of your own. well that is exactly the feeling I m having at the moment. So much to plan ahead. The furnitures. Paint . Furnishings etc etc. But no problem, the ball has been set in motion. And in a few days we will turn this into a homely blog  to entertain you properly and along with it for us to settle down comfortably with our innermost dreams. But for today it is just – Welcome! And make yourself at home. We will never say Atithi Kab Jaoge!


2 Responses

  1. Women always say the “All men are Dogs”. But, have you ever given a thought who invented it. It was invented by women and they use it at their convenience. Men are least bothered about sex if they are not provoked for it. This post proves this point.

  2. @ He There you are! Can’t you come home and help with the decorations rather than comment from a window about the male female philosophical equations. Man! they are just good with excuses to escape from work,!

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