My First Kiss

As I was passing by the place where I first kissed you, memories of the day showered on and a smile surfaced in my lips. And then, I was laughing out loud alone and the crowd there surprised by the sudden outburst looked surprised. and perhaps thing me mad.

We were in that dark corner of the resaturant when suddenly we both got tempted for a kiss. I stopped right before we were about to kiss. I am sure, you got really turned down. Let me tell you the story behind the missed kiss.

As I was about to kiss you, I suddenly realized that I don’t know how to kiss. I was expecting that you make the first move as if you were a veteran in kissing. Quite embarrasing situation for me. I never felt so silly about anything else, I was feeling at that moment.

Anyway, we tried again and this time we were successful and it was the most satisfying kiss ever. I don’t say that you don’t satisfy me anymore, but the feeling of winning you doubled my satisfaction in that kiss.

P.S. – If you think that you can beat that kiss, you are most welcome.


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