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My First Kiss
December 6, 2010

As I was passing by the place where I first kissed you, memories of the day showered on and a smile surfaced in my lips. And then, I was laughing out loud alone and the crowd there surprised by the sudden outburst looked surprised. and perhaps thing me mad.

We were in that dark corner of the resaturant when suddenly we both got tempted for a kiss. I stopped right before we were about to kiss. I am sure, you got really turned down. Let me tell you the story behind the missed kiss.

As I was about to kiss you, I suddenly realized that I don’t know how to kiss. I was expecting that you make the first move as if you were a veteran in kissing. Quite embarrasing situation for me. I never felt so silly about anything else, I was feeling at that moment.

Anyway, we tried again and this time we were successful and it was the most satisfying kiss ever. I don’t say that you don’t satisfy me anymore, but the feeling of winning you doubled my satisfaction in that kiss.

P.S. – If you think that you can beat that kiss, you are most welcome.


Happy Birthday Princess
November 5, 2010

It’s that day of the year again when I feel the happiest. I don’t know what to do and what not to do. Yes, it’s the day when Princess was born. I still remember the day when she graced our lives to make it more beautiful. She was like a piece of cotton when I first held her in my hand. It was a moment I still feel like today. No words can express that feeling. Today, on her birthday, I realize that it’s been already 3 years to that.  Just yesterday you were born, today you are a growing girl with lovely childhood charms. I just wish you remain the same. The same little child, all your life.


Happy Birthday!!!

The Funniest Thing I've Ever Heard a Child Say
August 4, 2010

Today, princess was very angry with her mom. She wanted to stay in school for some more time. She looked at her mom, and said, “You are diaper, soiled one!”. Well, I felt that was very creative. She really has a way with words. I feel she would make us very proud one day.

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Princess joins school
August 2, 2010

It was the first day of Princess in school. She was not so well today, but we did not want her to miss these historic day in her life. So, we dropped her in school. She is back and she looks very happy. I have always seen that kids who don’t cry on their first day of school really become very adventurous in their life. If she also becomes like that than she would really make us proud. We were very happy that she is going to the school. But, since morning we both were feeling very uneasy. Myriad of emotions came to our mind. We realized that time is passing by and she is growing up. It sounds stupid but we also thought that one day she will grow up and will leave us marrying someone very handsome. As if time was suddenly moving fast forward. It was a scary thought. She always should be the little kid, doing naughty stuff and when we get angry hiding under the quilt and shyly peeping out to see if our anger vanished or not. She should always play home – home and disturb her mom while she is busy cooking. While I am talking in the phone, she should always come and ask, “Whom are you talking with?” in her sweet voice and go away without waiting for my reply as if she knows it already. She should always take my towel to make a sari and her mom’s lipstick to make a bindi. She should never grow up and remain the child she is all her life.

10 things I regret in my life
August 1, 2010

(*Warning: I m going through a writer’s block. So, this post might not be something you are looking for.)

I have done many wrongs things but I don’t regret it coz I never thought them wrong at that time. However, something just went wrong or did not just go (right or wrong). I am listing them below:

  1. I lost the ‘Red’ medallion that I won in a contest by Eveready because of a showoff.
  2. I exchanged the books I won in Drawing competition for 2 Indrajaal comics. I should have taken the Pulp magazines, but I got scared to take them home.
  3. I broke the axe while cutting tree.
  4. I got caught while gossiping about my class teacher’s love story by none other than herself. I was almost expelled if I had not used my arts well enough.
  5. The most beautiful girl in the college proposed me and I said no. Although, I was also deeply in love with her. Gosh! What was I thinking? Or, was it sheer nervousness?  (During HS)
  6. I lost the dare to kiss the most beautiful girl in our class in front of everyone. (During Degree)
  7. I lied about point 6. It happened only in my dream. Shit! I suck in dreams also.
  8. I lied to my her for no reason except that she was trying to know if I have a complicated past for my complicated behavior.
  9. I did not kiss her in our first date. I am so dumb.
  10. Last but not the least, I wrote this post and wasted your time.
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