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your girlfriend needs you more than your best friend
August 3, 2010

Dear “He”,

Just two days back it was friendship day and the day triggered some memories of a fierce row we had when we were in college – on friendship versus lover. or rather best friend versus girlfriend. or more specifically Best friend who is a girl versus a girlfriend issue. Remember your best buddy was a girl – ( let me call her BB ) and how you used to drop everything on hand including me when ever she used to be there? Remember how many times I had suspected you of two timing because of her and how every time you used to convince me that she was just a friend while I was your love. Remember , you had once exasperated tried to explain and drum into my head that I would be hanging around with you forever so I need not worry and I should be generous enough to let you  spend some time with her as well. Well I am your other half today and she too still remains in your life as a friend – a very good friend. So finally everything turned out well isnt it? But you know! How much I used to envy BB! Perplexed? Well these are the reasons why!

Our future was uncertain –  hers with respect to you was not. you both would always remain friends

She could go and come to your house anytime she wanted. Nobody would raise an eyebrow because she was just a “friend”- no such luck with me

She could speak to your mom or cousins whenever she want without being conscious or afraid,  while me….

If you had married someone else , then we both would have been finished as a couple , never to meet each other again, but she could be there forever. She could dance at your wedding, befriend your wife, play with your kids and you both could grow old together reminiscing old days

Every morning – I used to feel how many days more with you. I used to ask myself many a time if my days with you were  numbered where as she could be there with you till eternity.

I was trying to cling on to memories where as she needed none.

And that is why my dear I used to resent you giving her priority. I resented the reason why you gave her priority. I did not suspect you as such. I knew you loved me and you may call it optimism  on your part to believe that we would be together one day and she would be just a friend – a very good friend. And that we had all the time to ourselves in the future for you to be reckless with your – then  present

But remember how tough it was for us to be finally together socially. Many a times we used to weep in each other’s arms thinking about our uncertain future. Many a times we had almost given up on ourselves but one of us used to pull back at the last moment and we would continue with renewed hope. We were the unlikeliest match and everybody knew it. Everybody who were close to us thought so. But some how we survived and here we are today with our princess. But ,love do you realise it could have swung the other way round too. Then? You would have your friend with you even then, but your love would have been gone – with not even much memories to cherish … because you had given it to your best buddy… that chance of creating memories.

Lots of love



Grihaprabesh and a Welcome
July 21, 2010

As is always the case, its the female who initiates things. Aha! now you are gonna say that Adam came first. He just came- (snigger!) I mean he just appeared but things started getting hotter only after Eve appeared. The action wouldn’t have started if Eve hadn’t come. The fights, fun  and … err fooling around. So the beginning is always with Sree I mean Stree!  So how do I begin? Simple ! By welcoming you to our blog. I am totally worked up at present. You  know , how it feels on a griha pravesh. All flutter and confusion. You just don’t know how to manage , where to go? Whom to speak. You are just pleased as a punch that you have a blog ..I mean a house of your own. well that is exactly the feeling I m having at the moment. So much to plan ahead. The furnitures. Paint . Furnishings etc etc. But no problem, the ball has been set in motion. And in a few days we will turn this into a homely blog  to entertain you properly and along with it for us to settle down comfortably with our innermost dreams. But for today it is just – Welcome! And make yourself at home. We will never say Atithi Kab Jaoge!

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