Grihaprabesh and a Welcome
July 21, 2010

As is always the case, its the female who initiates things. Aha! now you are gonna say that Adam came first. He just came- (snigger!) I mean he just appeared but things started getting hotter only after Eve appeared. The action wouldn’t have started if Eve hadn’t come. The fights, fun  and … err fooling around. So the beginning is always with Sree I mean Stree!  So how do I begin? Simple ! By welcoming you to our blog. I am totally worked up at present. You  know , how it feels on a griha pravesh. All flutter and confusion. You just don’t know how to manage , where to go? Whom to speak. You are just pleased as a punch that you have a blog ..I mean a house of your own. well that is exactly the feeling I m having at the moment. So much to plan ahead. The furnitures. Paint . Furnishings etc etc. But no problem, the ball has been set in motion. And in a few days we will turn this into a homely blog  to entertain you properly and along with it for us to settle down comfortably with our innermost dreams. But for today it is just – Welcome! And make yourself at home. We will never say Atithi Kab Jaoge!

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